The camp setting is a naturally scenic area in Valga Rural Municipality along Estonia’s southern border. Most of the activities will take place in Kaldavere Tourist Farm, while some workshops will be hosted by the Parmu Eco-Village Centre.

The area around the camp location is full of biologically diverse meadows, floodmeadows, mires and forests along the Mustjõgi and Koiva River. Amidst this naturally diverse setting is the Parmu eco-village, a place where people live in harmony with nature and ancestral folkways, and life progresses at a calmer pace. For larger projects, the village prefers the use of horses over tractors. As to products, the eco-village raises cattle for beef, practises sustainable forestry and harvests ecologically pure forest products and field crops.

About 10 minutes from the eco-village is Kaldavere Tourist Farm, a place to see the value of wood as a material being enhanced in practice. The environment supports wood as a living material and also the study of materials suitable for handicraft and learning to create new objects oneself. The various workshops of the camp provide a chance to familiarize oneself with particular aspects the local nature and the items produced.